About us

About 2020

2020 Innovation is a leading organisation providing innovative solutions for progressive accountants and tax professionals worldwide. We recognise that firms need to constantly improve their client proposition including the use of new technologies to become ever more competitive and efficient, understanding what additional services clients are looking for and how marketing can effect these changes.

2020 memberships cover:  CPD, Practice Management & Development, Tax Update, International CPD & FCA webinars, GDPR action pack, regional member meetings and marketing resources.

Regional Member Meetings

All members are invited to attend two regional meetings per annum to discuss practice issues and share success stories with other members.

Innovative Webinars for Accountants

2020 provides comprehensive CPD training in audit, accounts and tax related subjects. We use the best CPD speakers in the country and update the programme based on member feedback.

2020 Membership

We offer two membership levels, Premier Plus and Platinum membership, both subscriptions full of incredible value.