Annual Virtual Conference Agenda

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Michael Roberts
2020 Speaker

An overview of the accounting sector reflecting on 2020 as a year, the “new normal” and the changes occurring in our industry.

Ian Fletcher and Peter Roberts

This session will prepare business owners for the practical steps they need to take when travelling into the EU, exporting and importing goods and services, maintaining supply chains, employing EU nationals, coordinating an EU branch or subsidiary.

Ros Martin

Whilst we don’t yet know what is going to happen with Brexit – is there going to be a deal and if so, what it might be – we still need to be thinking about what our clients should be doing before the end of the year. We will consider what we know, and how we advise clients at this time.

Dr Karl George MBE

In a fast paced, increasingly complex business environment, we need to ensure there are mechanisms in place to help us measure and monitor how well organisations are performing, in order to prevent failure. It is important to recognise how governance has moved from being compliance based and responding to corporate failure (first generation), to generative – trying to anticipate failure (second generation) and then to where we find ourselves today.

It is time to think about a methodology that responds to this rapidly changing technological environment that considers the interest and influence of stakeholders, environmental issues such as climate change and social issues such as globalisation.

This session will cover:
• the 3 generations of governance a) pre-history to 1992, b) 1993 – 2009, c) 2010 to the current pandemic,
• the lessons learned from corporate failures,
• how to prepare boards for governing post COVID 19 and exploring how boards govern in a crisis,
• dealing with a perfect storm of Black Swan events and
• the 4th Industrial Revolution and Generation Y and Z in the boardroom.

Lara Morgan

Creating the right environment and recruiting the right people are what can make a truly exceptional business. In this speech, Lara talks about how the importance of developing a challenging, rewarding, creative culture can have monumental impact on your business performance.

In allowing staff total autonomy - including making their own decisions, AND mistakes - we can create a business that allows people to concentrate on their strengths. Be bold, be brave, be different, be honest and open, challenge people to step outside their comfort zone. Make work fun, with the right mix of people who will, together, work for you, go that extra mile, and reap the benefits at the end of the working day.

Dr Karl George MBE

Racial tensions being played out across the world has brought new focus to the lack of racial diversity in the leadership of many organisations. We are at a critical juncture in history with a real opportunity to target the consequences of racial inequality.

This session will provide member firms with an understanding about why we are talking about Race and why it is important to be having the discussion now. The presentation will provide an awareness of some of the considerations around Race inequalities and a potential way forward for member firms and their clients to consider.

Damien Greathead and Gordon Gilchrist

This session looks at the latest tech used by firms to speed up production and collaborate and manage projects digitally.

This session will cover:
• onboarding,
• digital work papers,
• project management,
• secure client communication,
• billing and collections,
• new tech to consider and
• latest developments in hardware.

Androulla Soteri and Adam Grainger

In a world where technology is infiltrating every facet of what we do, how we live and how we work, this session will explore the need for the accounting, audit and tax professions to actively engage with technology, while at the same time, ensuring we are not suffering from technology fatigue.

This session will cover;
• The future of the profession in the digital age
• The influence of the digitalisation of tax authorities – a global perspective
• The accounting/tax professional of the future
• Could we be suffering from tech overload?
• How do we focus on what the client actually wants and
• What we (the provider) actually need from developers/vendors.

Gordon Gilchrist

Marketing is changing. Face to face contact is over. Digital marketing using social media is the new normal. Your website is your brochure. Customer care is a top priority. Online testimonials and reviews drive new business. Gordon will outline a 2021 Digital marketing action planner and explain the actions to take to maximise your digital presence.

Rich Neal and Gordon Gilchrist

COVID Tier restrictions keep changing on a regular basis so how do you deal with the challenges of remote working and managing clients?

This session will cover:

• Creating a “where the work gets done” environment for your team
• Managing your team, your jobs and the associated tasks, remotely
• Using technology to manage the client relationship and client retention
• Adding value to your practice in a digital world

Michael Roberts

A summary and checklist of actions to ensure resilience and success in 2021!

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