Annual Conference Agenda

Attend the Annual Conference and get the information you need to ensure resilience and success in the future.
Michael Roberts

Michael will set the scene for the day ahead and he will also outline the new services 2020 Innovation are introducing to help you prosper in 2023!

Ellis Watson

External shocks and disruption can be a springboard for positive change. In this session Ellis shows how to inspire passion when under pressure, and how to progress from mission statements to true company culture; embracing quality, integrity and diversity. Ellis is known as one of the most inspiring and intelligent keynote speakers in Britain and will inspire you to generate success in your business.

Gordon Gilchrist and Ian Fletcher

An overview to some of the latest products and services available for accountants and tax professionals from our carefully selected exhibitors.

An opportunity to network with exhibitors who are showcasing their latest products and services.

Gordon Gilchrist and Ian Fletcher

Gordon and Ian examine the “here and now” of our industry and outline some of the new strategies, technologies and delivery methods that the most successful accountants and tax professionals are now using. You will gain precious insights into maintaining resilience and building a value added practice and help you stay ahead of the competition.

This session will cover:
• Team management and improving productivity
• The success stories we can all learn from
• The key strategies for success in 2023

Billie Mcloughlin and Gordon Gilchrist

In this session Billie and Gordon will talk about being on the technological journey and overcoming barriers. Change can seem like a huge task especially when software or apps don’t talk to each other or otherwise appear to be collaborative. It can feel easier to stick with the status quo but, in this session, we will reiterate the benefits of embracing the change, creating the best app stack for your firm and pinpoint how to get the ‘buzz’ back for new technologies.

This will include:
• The digital journey so far
• What is driving the need for digital technologies in the industry
• Tech fatigue and how to fight it
• Selection and implementation made easier

Re-energise over a buffet lunch and refreshments and network with delegates and exhibitors.

Sharon Cooke

The way we serve our clients is changing! Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax is now only 18 months away, we have more audit regulation than we have ever seen in the past and demonstrating competence in delivering compliance services is much wider now than pre-pandemic.

In this session Sharon will outline:
• The key technical developments that will affect the services we provide to clients in 2023
• How we can use those changes to deliver market-leading services that bolster our clients and distinguish us from our competition.
• Traps to avoid as the regulatory landscape shifts.

An opportunity to network with exhibitors who are showcasing their latest products and services.

Nicky Pattinson

In this fast paced session, Nicky will use her real-life experiences to show you the innovation and thinking around how we sell who we are, not just what we do. She will describe how connection is the golden currency of our time. You will learn new skills to elevate your practice and have the confidence to embrace the New Year with vigor!

Nicky will tell us:
• The 5 secrets to creating a compelling business charisma
• How to rapidly increase our fees through hitting the consciousness of our clients and prospects
• The most unique answer to the BIG problem that stops every business getting and keeping new customers every single day…and once you know it.... you know it!

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