2021 Annual Conference Agenda - 17th November 2021

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Michael Roberts

In this session, Michael will briefly walk you through the agenda ready to inspire you for an action packed conference.

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

Gordon and Ian examine the changes that have happened in the last eighteen months and how we have adapted to deliver our services remotely to support clients more than ever. What lessons have we learned on communication, technology and delivery of our services?

• Making sense of the lockdown, MTD, remote working and additional support for clients;
• Team management and improving productivity;
• Classic mistakes made by some firms; and
• The success stories we can all learn from!

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Despite the odds - a global pandemic, economic coronaries and failing political (Trump) leadership - the global economy is bouncing back. The G7 meeting saw the return of greater co-ordination amongst the wealthiest nations, but this counts for little if they care to ignore the 'elephant' in the room or more importantly the 'dragon' that is also in the room - that is to say those nations that may not be the wealthiest but certainly the largest by population and growing global influence - namely India and China.

Justin will explain that the real success will be to be getting all those leading nations working together not just economically but also politically. With China and India growling at each other over the Himalayas, and the South China Sea and East China Sea disputes getting hotter, things may not be as easy as our leaders believe.

Justin will then be concluding what could happen, and more importantly what can any of us be doing to protect our finances accordingly.

An opportunity to network with exhibitors who are showcasing their latest products and services.

Sharon Critchlow

Historically we have been told to work hard, to follow a logical path and to strive for success, but what if there was another way?

In this session Sharon will share her thoughts on 21st century wellbeing and how her journey through a chronic illness led to a reassessment of human and team performance. This talk explains the impact of stress on you and your team and how to create a plan for success which will increase your energy and provide a structure for growth through the Four Elements of Wellbeing. This approach has been supporting both individual and corporate wellbeing programmes across the globe since 2016. Sharon is an accountant specialising in personal performance coaching.

Andrew Grill

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in every area of society, from remote working and selling to online shopping. Every industry is embracing digital, and there is a vast opportunity to adapt your business to take advantage of a truly digital world.

Hear from Actionable Futurist Andrew Grill, who grew up in a small business family’ and has worked for companies as large as IBM, outline some practical and immediately actionable things you can do now to ensure your practice is digital-ready.

From “selling through the screen” to interfacing with client and government platforms, Andrew will cover a wide range of topics and get your practice ready for the future. Importantly, he will make you more “digitally curious” and show you how digital can transform every component of your practice.

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

An introduction to some of the latest products and services available for accountants and tax professionals from our carefully selected exhibitors.

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break

14.00 – 14.30

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

Most 2020 members rose to the challenges faced by remote working, new technology, increased workload and staffing, brilliantly! Not only did they do the “day job”, they made huge personal sacrifices to keep their clients informed and help them apply for government supports. As a result they built a huge amount of goodwill with their clients.

The BIG question is how do we now maximise this?

In this fast paced session, Gordon and Ian will let you into the secrets of the most innovative accountants who are setting the value added bar at the highest level they have ever seen.

Kriss Akabusi MBE

It has been well said that Perfection is the enemy of Progress, success often comes through failure, the other side of fear is the greatness that you so desire; big things come through small changes.

During this session Kriss will take you through an existential journey, from being born into a royal African family, to abandonment in the British child care system. He will map his progress via his military service to become a key member of the British 4 x 400 metre relay team that became Champions of the world.

Kriss will show you how making small changes can have a massive impact on both your business and personal life.

15.30 – 16.00

Conference Break.

16.00 – 16.45

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

Knowing your key performance indicators compared to other firms in your sector is paramount to help you make improvements in the delivery of services. This summer we ran a benchmarking survey of members covering a wide variety of topics. Gordon and Ian will run you through the most important figures.

“At the end of this session you will know where you stand and get a flavour of some of the changes made by the top performing firms and be in a better position to make smarter choices for your own success!”

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

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