2020 Roadshows: An Audience with Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

AHEAD OF TOMORROW (All 14:00 to 17:00)

These seminars are designed to help practitioners understand the current market, the changes happening in the world of accounting and how they should prepare themselves for the future.

Join Ian Fletcher, Gordon Gilchrist and our friends at QuickBooks for this FREE afternoon discussion forum to debate and offer solutions  in the following areas:

  • What’s happening out there
  • What the firm of the future looks like
  • How to get to grips with the rapid industry transformation practices are now facing
  • The BIG issues of technology, capacity, staffing and profitability
  • How to position your firm as the “Most trusted adviser” and add value to your offering
  • How to widen your services and attract new clients to your firm
  • 7 key actions you must take to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and get AHEAD OF TOMORROW!