Agenda - Spring Conference

Wednesday 9th March 2022
Michael Roberts

Michael will introduce the conference, outlining the key topics and what delegates can expect from the day.

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

Businesses are looking for new ways of doing things and so should we. It is time to change the way we deliver compliance services and deliver more value to our clients than ever before. Now is the time to deliver forward looking services and attract new clients.

As always, Ian and Gordon’s presentation will be pragmatic, using tried and tested techniques and they will show examples of how successful firms are changing their offerings in the Pandemic era.

An introduction to some of the latest products and services available for accountants and tax professionals from our carefully selected exhibitors.

An opportunity to network with exhibitors who are showcasing their latest products and services.

Sharon Cooke

In a world of digital transformation Sharon will examine the UK landscape for the next two years, outlining the key considerations and practical actions to take. In this session, Sharon will pick out her top 10 tax considerations for tax agents in 2022/23.

This will include a whistle-stop tour of the highlights around:

• New rates of tax and NIC and impact on clients now and in the future.
• Taxation and administration considerations surrounding COVID support measures.
• Preparing for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and the Basis Period Reform.
• Effective timing of plant and machinery expenditure.
• Capital Gains Tax reporting for residential property disposals.

Lara Morgan

Discover the practical actions you can take individually to improve the mental wellbeing of you and your team, and the key things you must do to stay smart and feel comfortable in today’s work environment.

During this fast paced session, Lara will look at:

• What are the root causes, triggers and individual issues.
• Lead and work by example, be cognitive of people’s individual pressures, worries, outside influences, they will not be the same as yours.
• Solutions and ways around problems, what help can you give without necessarily costing a fortune, how can you help yourself.
• The importance of a centre point for contact, a wellbeing policy and sounding boards.
• Be aware of warning signs. What are you hearing and seeing from the team, and from your inner self.

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break

Lara Morgan, Julie Palmer and Nikki Adams

Creating the right environment and recruiting the right people are what can make a truly exceptional business. In this panel session we examine the importance of developing a challenging, rewarding and creative culture to have a positive impact on your firm’s performance, and ask questions of our panelists and get practical advice for our own firms.

15.00 – 15.30

An opportunity to network with exhibitors who are showcasing their latest products and services.

Matt Flanagan

'What should our Tech-stack consist of?' and ‘how do we build it?’ are two of the key questions Matt will address. During this session, Matt will also outline:

• The 3 different levels of a Tech-stack and how they link to your cloud accounting adoption
• How to gain clarity on your Tech offering and what you can offer to clients
• Reduce your Tech overwhelm by learning specifically what types of apps you need (and what the best ones are)
• How to clearly communicate your Tech-stack to your team and the rest of your firm to get their buy-in

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