Spring Conference Agenda - Thursday 29th April 2021

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Michael Roberts

In this session Michael will briefly walk you through the agenda ready to inspire you for an actioned packed conference.

Ian Fletcher and Gordon Gilchrist

Gordon and Ian examine the changes that have happened in the last twelve months and how we have adapted to deliver our services remotely and support clients more than ever. What lessons have we learned on communication, technology and delivery of our services?

• Making sense of the lockdown, Brexit, MTD, remote working and additional support for clients
• Team management and improving productivity
• Who did what and the success stories we can all learn from

Gordon Gilchrist and Ian Fletcher

We will enter a “New Normal” later this year where we will learn to live with the virus and its variants. This may mean voluntary social distancing, regular testing and annual vaccinations. How do we plan now for the changes. What opportunities exist for growing your firm organically and by acquisition? Gordon and Ian will outline some practical measures all firms should adopt now to stay ahead of the competition.

• Getting ahead of the curve
• Advising clients and pricing additional services
• Positioning your firm in a higher value sector
• Winning new clients in this changing environment
• Developing new services such as: R&D, capital allowances and wealth management.
• Unique Selling Points of our exhibitors

11.00 – 11.30

Damien Greathead

Damien loves helping accountants adopt the right tech, streamline processes and say goodbye to boring, manual admin. During this session Damien will cover:

• Scoping out what tech stack to use
• Assessing current systems
• Whiteboarding tools to spot blockages, bottlenecks and identify areas to improve.
• Tips and Tricks for getting started with your own process map
• Key benefits of workflow mapping
• Using your analysis to identify the right tech solutions

Gordon Gilchrist and Ian Fletcher

Put simply the most profitable firms we see all have one thing in common – they specialise either in specific services or industry sectors. They have made the decision to segment their portfolios and their services to attract and service businesses who want “experts” in their field. This session will help you to move your firm into the high value high price sector of the market and provide some practical steps to take.

• How to define your industry or specialist knowledge
• Breaking a broad portfolio into a specific niche
• Putting your speciality to the test
• Becoming an educator and resource provider
• Positioning and marketing content
• Attracting prospects and converting them to clients
• Maintenance routines to add value

13.00 – 14.00

Ollie Maitland and Gayani Subasinghe

Every business, every vision and even every strategy, will need capital behind it. But without a CFO, and with over 15,000 bank branches closing in recent years, it isn’t necessarily that obvious where to go for it.

The last year has, undoubtedly, put a spotlight on the need to raise capital. The government response to the pandemic with lockdowns, travel bans and schools closing, have disrupted revenues massively.

In this session, Ollie Maitland will be joined by Gayani Subasinghe from 2020 member firm, Alexander Rosse, to explore how Capital Advisory is a cornerstone of business advisory. During this session they will cover:

-3 ways to ensure a successful Capital Advisory rollout
-How to build on your cloud accountancy data
-Identifying client issues and solving them
-New business opportunities through Capital Advisory with insights and reports

Philip Hesketh

In this session Philip will share with us how to hold the right fee and discount less often. He’ll talk about how we charge less than we could - and should - because we use ‘inadvertent anchors’ and he’ll explain the real meanings of ‘value’ and ‘WIN-WIN’. With real ‘can-use-tomorrow’ tips that will help you every day when talking to clients about fees, this should be a very worthwhile and enjoyable 45 minutes. In this session you will learn:

• The triangle of Efficacy, Time and Cost
• The real meanings of ‘Value’ and ‘WIN-WIN
• How to discount less, charge more and hold the right fee
• How little words change what clients think
• How to charge more by using hypothetical questions

15.30 – 16.00

16.00 -16.45

Gordon Gilchrist

In this session Gordon will show you 4 ways to grow your fees by 20% without having to engage with “cold” marketing. Marketing has often been defined as “Satisfying an unsatisfied market uniquely well”. Understanding and delivering what clients REALLY want (not need) from their accountant has changed enormously in the last year. Covid-19 has effected real change and the most successful firms have adapted and focussed their efforts on growing their practice by 5% in the following 4 areas:

• Client referrals
• Fee increase
• New services to existing clients
• Client growth

Michael Roberts

Michael will review the key steps for success, and provide delegates with an action plan to drive
revenues and profit, to keep you ahead of the curve!

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