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Ollie Maitland

Conference Speaker

Ollie Maitland is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Capitalise. He is a serial tech start-up product lead and has worked alongside VCs, technologists, service design experts & business minds to build market-leading digital products in start-ups to multi-nationals.


Damien Greathead

Conference Speaker

Damien was a Director of 2020 Group USA, helping accountants better manage technology, market their firms, and provide more value-add services to their clients. Damien spearheaded Dext’s (formerly Receipt Bank) entry into the US and Canadian markets and then went onto run their global accountants program. Today Damien works with tech companies helping them understand accountants and how they can help accountants better service their clients. Damien is a regular speaker and consultant on firm technology, firm management and growth, and the future of the modern accounting firm.


Philip Hesketh

Conference Speaker

Philip Hesketh is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and a Sales graduate from Procter & Gamble. In 1986 he was the creator, New Business Director and Managing Partner of an advertising agency, Advertising Principles. He sold his interest in the business after 16 consecutive years of growth with the agency billing £48m and employing 150 people.

Having spent his entire working life studying and practising influence and persuasion he now speaks on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion’. His books ‘How to Persuade and Influence People’ and ‘Persuade’ are both number one Amazon best sellers. He is a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University and current holder of Vistage UK’s ‘Outstanding Performer’, ‘Most Requested Speaker’ and TEC Australia’s ‘Overseas Speaker of The Year’ awards.


Gordon Gilchrist

Conference Speaker and Host

Gordon Gilchrist is recognised as a global leading consultant to accountancy firms in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, practice management, and increasingly, succession issues including buying, selling and merging of accountancy practices.

He trained as an accountant in the UK and later worked with Grant Thornton. He has been consulting with firms in the UK, Ireland and South Africa since 1989 and has worked with three of the Top 4 firms, 75% of the Top 20, and over 2,000 independent firms. Gordon is a well recognised and accomplished speaker for annual conferences and staff training days. He has accumulated some brilliant ideas which can be heard at his seminars. He and Ian Fletcher are joint authors of the Croner.CCH book “SME Consulting”.


Michael Roberts

Conference Speaker and Host

Michael joined 2020 over a year ago and became CEO in September. He is a chartered accountant by background and has worked in auditing, corporate finance and private equity.

Prior to starting with 2020 he also completed an MBA degree from London Business School. Since joining 2020 he has met a large number of 2020 members in the last year and is looking forward to meeting many more in person when lockdown ends!


Ian Fletcher

Conference Speaker and Host

Ian is a well known lecturer and business consultant and has gained a reputation for his entertaining style and practical approach to practice management. Ian majors in management issues, specifically dealing with the systemisation of accounting practices. He is the co-author of books on business consulting and adding value.

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